The brand facilitates marketing and targeting, And creating different markets for competitors.

It is clear that traditional companies can be in the market today.
We are in a historical phase in which marketing is completely transformed, where the focus is no longer on TV and radio as it was before, especially if companies want to target young people because social media platforms. The websites have the biggest share of that age group, and even spread over time in all classes and segments of society, and the electronic platforms have distinguished that marketing in them is not just like TV, but you can choose the categories of people you want to deliver your message to them by defining age, work, interest, Even an effort can connect to their conversations and see if they are thinking of buying goods and products that your company makes. But it’s not important to reach people, but to convince them of you and your product. Try to build an enjoyable experience to keep you in the minds and hearts of your customers. The customer is looking for a satisfactory experience with the most benefit to be achieved when purchasing a product or service. The importance of the Brand and the ways it is marketed is all the more so at this point. Companies need to build the brand.

Brand is the company’s reputation in the market and what customers say about it. The benefits of the brand industry for companies facilitate the marketing process and identify the target group of people. And create different markets for competitors. In other words, it divides the market into certain categories by income, age, gender and standard of living so that each product or service is targeted by a particular category. For example Tide and Ariel are almost the same products, but if we look at the fact of the matter, we will find that each of these companies has a different target group than the other, for example Tide targets women housewives with middle incomes, they have between four and five children. Ereal, for example, targets working women with relatively high incomes and usually has a higher level of education and fewer children. The goal of companies seeking to produce products in this way is to gain a larger market share so that they control a larger proportion of customers or consumers in the market. Brand also helps to reflect the quality and price associated with a particular product or service. In other words, if we put a logo on a particular product automatically the consumer will form a mental image or a perception of this product or service. In other words, if we mark a particular product of clothing automatically, the consumer will form a mental image and impression of this product as being from Nike and has specific qualities and characteristics, and therefore a certain quality and high price. The reason for this is the consumer’s desire to know the company or who is responsible behind the emergence of this product, especially in personal-themed products such as mobile, computer or consumer products such as food and beverages. One of the most notable benefits of “branding” is that it increases the value of the company. In other words, a large part of the company’s value when it is purchased or sold depends on the existence of the “Brand”, i.e. a very small part of the company’s value depends on the property or assets owned by the company, be it real estate, land, buildings, factories or even employees. If we look at the list of the most expensive brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonald’s and Google, most of them are only 10% due to company-owned parts such as land and real estate and 90% if not more due to the value of the brand or the brand name owned by the company. On the other hand, because each brand has its qualities and features that help us as customers to choose the best for us and in personal products such as clothes and food we choose what reflects our qualities for example lovers of youth and modernity choose Pepsi and who wants happiness and fun chooses Coca Cola for what each company reflects for those qualities. The more brand-loving qualities for us, the greater its value in our daily lives.